Innovation Series: three startups that are trailblazing in the Sharing Economy

February 8, 2015


WEAR7397As technology continues to provide increasingly sophisticated tools for peer-to-peer services, this session at MEF Global Forum posed the question, is the so called “Sharing Economy” the future of commerce?

In this, the second from our Innovation Day series, another group of groundbreaking start-ups; Roost, Doorman and Open Garden serve up their insights to attendees at the San Francisco conference. Follow the links below for exclusive video pitches and slides of their presentations. The session also featured a panel debate featuring representatives from some of the biggest names in the industry; Indiegogo,Uber and Waze, moderated by Parker Thompson of 500 Startups.

WEAR7301Startup Presentations:

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Panel Discussion


  • Parker Thompson, Venture Partner, 500 Startups
  • Victor Kovalev…

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Golly, thought leadership is hard work!

August 16, 2009

Thought leadership is a tough game, but it’s also fun. Like flying an airplane or downhill skiing, you have to stay alert or bad stuff happens. That’s why most people shy away from the thought leadership limelight. Once you’re in it, you have to stay sharp, or you become irrelevant. The best way to stay sharp, of course, is by reading. Next best way is meeting up with other thought leaders and sharing ideas. Or just  listening.  Sometimes you can find a new idea in an old book. I try to reread Deming whenever I can. He always seems fresh. Nick Taleb’s books are always invigorating. And don’t forget to dust off  “The Great Gatsby” every so often and read it again. You would be amazed at how many great ideas Fitzgerald managed to pack into such a short book.